Outlook & Commentary
Around the world, lockdowns and quarantines are slowly lifting, but consumers and business activity remain fragile. We believe investors should play both offence and defence during this new “re-opening” phase. On offence, the tech sector will likely remain a leader, but select high-yield bonds and cyclical sectors (parts of energy and financials) could also outperform. On defence, consider consumer staples and healthcare, which are well-positioned for a post-coronavirus world.
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Investment Themes
Sustainable investing is in our DNA. We began our sustainable investing journey over 20 years ago and published our first global Responsible Investing Report in 2018. As we aim to drive transparency and performance across our sustainable investment approach and beyond, we are broadening the focus this year by publishing our first full Sustainability Report. It encompasses not only how we invest, but also how we operate and engage with stakeholders as a sustainable company.
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