Strong roots to weather all conditions

Our solid on-the-ground presence and keen investment insights can help your portfolio stand tall and adapt to the winds of change.

A canopy of opportunities to meet your investment goals, for now and the future

At AllianzGI, we recognise that the world is changing and that different environments will require different solutions. Our diversified and multi-themed strategies can help you unearth potential capital growth and provide an additional income stream all year round. As an active investment manager, we aim to turn uncertainties into investment opportunities through our actively-managed income solutions.

Outlook & Commentary

Tracking the latest developments of the coronavirus' impact on the markets and economy.
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US Strategies

Allianz American Income

  • Enjoy stability and attractive yield through 3 distinctive asset classes: US investment grade corporate bonds, US high-yield securities and US Treasuries/Agencies.
Allianz Short Duration High Income Bond

  • Seeks to achieve income through monthly payouts
  • Diversification to overall fixed-income allocation
  • Proven investment capability in managing short duration, high-yielding assets
Allianz Income and Growth

  • Monthly dividends from broadly diversified sources
  • 3 disciplines, 1 goal: income and growth
  • Multi-asset tool for protection against volatility
Allianz US High Yield

  • Seeks to achieve income through monthly payouts
  • Portfolio risk diversification benefits
  • Proven investment capability in the US high yield universe

Equity Strategies

Allianz Global Sustainability

  • Seeks to achieve income through monthly payouts
  • Generating long-term potential return with positive societal impact
Allianz Thematica

  • Actively managed, with unconstrained and multi-themed portfolio constantly adapting as new themes emerge and older themes peak
  • Seeks to provide capital appreciation while aiming for monthly distribution

Fixed Income Strategies

Allianz Global Opportunistic Bond

  • Seeks to achieve income through monthly payouts
  • Ability to invest into highly diversified and liquid investment universe
Allianz SGD Income

  • Seeks to provide stable income via a monthly distribution payout
  • Enhancement of SGD returns amidst a low SGD deposit rate environment
  • Tapping on investment opportunities in a growing SGD bond market

Multi-Asset Strategies

Allianz Asian Multi Income Plus

  • Asian equities offer dividend growth opportunities; Asian bond yields offer enhancement.
  • Capture income and capital growth opportunities via multiple sources.