Every cloud has a silver lining

Opportunities abound even in uncertain times. Our investment strategies in Fixed Income and Multi-Asset can help you uncover potential capital growth and income opportunities across all weather conditions in Asia and across the globe.

Monthly dividends -
Shine whatever the weather

When markets are unpredictable, it’s always nice to have a predictable source of income.

Applicable for all AM, AMg and AMg2 share classes

Fixed Income Strategies

Allianz Dynamic Asian High Yield Bond

Asia remains a bright spot for investors.

  • Enjoy attractive Asian credit valuations.
  • Benefit from an active, dynamic risk management approach that includes use of tactical strategies.
Allianz Flexi Asia Bond

Asia’s economic growth outpaces that of the US and Europe.

  • Flexible allocation strategy investing in various types of Asian bonds.
  • Invest in quality Asian investment grade bonds.
Allianz Global Floating Rate Notes Plus

Just the protection you need when interest rates rise.

  • Gain access to a global, unconstrained, floating rate portfolio.
  • Benefit from rising interest rates, with an attractive yield.
Allianz Global Opportunistic Bond

Access a spectrum of macro and credit opportunities.

  • Highly diversified and liquid.
  • Flexible allocation across global bond universe.

Multi-Asset Strategies

Allianz Asian Multi Income Plus

Asian fundamentals remain healthy.

  • Asian equities offer dividend growth opportunities; Asian bond yields offer enhancement.
  • Capture income and capital growth opportunities via multiple sources.
Allianz Global Dynamic Multi Asset Strategy 50

Ride the changing markets confidently with our active allocation across multiple asset classes.

  • Benefit from opportunities across markets and asset classes.
  • Reduce downside risks through diversification.
Allianz Income and Growth

The US economy and corporate earnings are expected to deliver continued growth.

  • Adopts a “three-sleeves” approach by investing in US high-yield bonds, US convertible bonds and US equities/equity securities to capture multiple sources of potential income.
  • Fund’s structure provides potential income and capital appreciation while helping to moderate downside risk.
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