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Being part of the thematic story

Megatrends are changing the way we work, live and play. As investing in megatrends may be too broad, we should invest instead in themes within a megatrend that have the potential to generate alpha, and at the same time, resonate with our values and interests.

Why thematic investing

Everyone loves a good story. While most asset managers have historically centred their investments around specific asset classes or geographic regions, more investors today are looking for a greater emotional attachment with their portfolios. Thematic strategies that reflect a compelling narrative can help meet this demand and offer an attractive opportunity for active asset managers to show what they can deliver.

01 Megatrends

Urbanisation, Technological innovation, Resource Scarcity, and Demographic & Social Change.

02 Growth

Participate in winning themes impacted by powerful and secular shifts which are triggered by innovation, regulation or socioeconomic factors.

03 Transparency

Themes are well-known, starting as topics of conversation among budget decision makers within companies and will later become visible in most people’s personal experience.

04 Performance

Active selection of valid themes at appropriate timing allows for higher alpha potential.

Thematic Investing insights by
Andreas Fruschki

Quiz: Spot the

           sweet spot!

Play our quiz and see if you can identify the theme within a megatrend.


Which resource is more scarce?


What is the future of technological innovation?


Which social and demographic change is rising faster?


What is the next big trend in urbanisation?

A snapshot of our selected themes


Clean water infrastructure

Water efficiency

Smart cities

Sharing economy

Autonomous driving


Pet economy

Pet health care

Pet nutrition

Digital life


Internet of Things

E-Education &

Participate in opportunities arising from structural shifts, typically driven by innovation, demographic change, resource scarcity or urbanisation.

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